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Professional 4D Ultrasounds

by EXPERIENCED OB Sonographers

Gender Scans and 4D Ultrasounds

by Registered Sonographers

Great Big Dream ultrasound provides elective sonograms so you and your family can see what your baby looks like before he is born with 3D/4D fetal ultrasound!  See your baby's face, count fingers and toes, and watch him stretch, yawn, or even try to suck his thumb!  You will always have an experienced sonographer performing your scan with Great Big Dream sonogram.  Our sonographers know how to obtain the high quality photos you want of your precious baby! Choose the location you want to go to, and see our packages.

as early as 9 weeks!

Gender Reveal

Want to know whether to buy pink or blue?

Don't want to wait 20 weeks?

We offer the CLINICAL Sneak Peek DNA Blood Test. Your blood will be drawn by a highly qualified phlebotomist, and you will find out your baby's gender!



"My husband and I loved that we could have such a wonderful experience and see our little one.  The tech was so sweet and really took her time so we could get the best results, definitely will be doing it again!!!"
- Megan

Special Keepsakes

find the perfect keepsake to bring home with you


DVD of Session - $20

  • DVD recording of your entire session

  • DVD is included in some packages.


Heartbeat Buddies - $39

  • Recording of YOUR baby's heartbeat in each animal!

  • Your choice of a variety of animals

  • Animals availability varies each day

  • Special Order of a particular animal is available for $8 additional to cover shipping

  • Some of the available animals are shown here

Tel:  281-407-0470     Address: 1306 Kingwood Dr, Suite B  Kingwood,TX
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