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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our clients' FAQs. If you have scheduled a session with us, please be sure to follow our prep instructions.

  • Will this 4D ultrasound take the place of an ultrasound that is ordered by my doctor?
    No. Your session with Great Big Dream Ultrasound Studio does not replace any element of your prenatal care. It is required that you are under the active care of a physician or midwife and that your provider is aware of and has no objection to your ultrasound session with Great Big Dream Ultrasound Studio. You must have already undergone a medical diagnostic ultrasound ordered by your provider and conformation will be required.
  • What is the best time during my pregnancy to have the 4D ultrasound session?
    You can have a 4d at any time during your pregnancy after about 15 weeks. You just have to understand baby might not be that fat yet. If you will only be doing one 4d during your pregnancy, do it around 28-32 weeks. We have lots of moms that come in every 2-3 weeks to watch their baby grow! We can even see those faces really late in the pregnancy if you are staying hydrated!
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes we are by appointment only. You can book right on our website anytime! You should try to schedule at least 2-4 weeks in advance. Feel free to reach out with any questions for last minute appointments.
  • How long will the appointment last?
    The appointment times will vary and can last up to 30 minutes total depending on the package you choose.
  • Can I invite my family and friends to attend the appointment?
    Absolutely! This experience is for you and your loved ones. We have seating for 5 additional people. You are always welcome to bring whoever youwant, even if there is standing room only
  • Will you be able to tell me the sex of my baby?
    In most cases, the sex of the baby can be determined. In some cases, the baby may not cooperate for the session. Factors that affect the ability to determine sex include developmental stage and position of the baby. Gender Determination scans are repeated once for no charge. This is available after 15 weeks gestation. You can also book the Early gender blood test as early as 8 weeks!!
  • Will I get beautiful pictures of my baby?
    Usually, but sometimes the position of the baby will prevent it. Every baby and every scan is different and it cannot be guaranteed to meet everyone's expectations. Every effort will be made to obtain the best images possible of your baby. We will reschedule your session once at no additional cost if the sonographer is unable to view the baby and get a face picture. Your prep instructions are VERY important in regards to getting the best 4d ultrasound. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE drink lots of water everyday before your appointment, to ensure you have enough amniotic fluid to get a clear ultrasound image.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Because this is an elective ultrasound, it is not currently covered by insurance. Payments are to made at the time of the appointment in Cash, Venmo, or major credit card. We can accept a FSA/HSA card as well.
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