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Prep Instructions

PLEASE READ FULLY. Preparing for your appointment ahead of time is how you will get the best pictures.

  • For the best chance for the best pictures ****Please remember to DRINK, DRINK, DRINK your water every day, 64ounces of WATER every day before your appointment for up to 1-2 weeks before your scheduled appointment. This will help your amniotic fluid levels be optimal for ultrasound!! A well-hydrated mommy ALWAYS gets better pictures than one that is not.

  • Drink your water every day before your appointment, not just the day of your appointment. We CANNOT STRESS this enough!

  • 10-15 mins before your appointment, feel free to eat/drink something sugary-fruit is fine (as long as you are not under diet restrictions). This will wake up the baby and give you a better chance for different views. Examples are a piece of fruit, a granola bar with chocolate chips, orange juice, caffeine-free soda(Sprite/Root Beer) No more than 15 minutes before, or baby will go into a sugar crash.

  • Avoid large meals before your appointment.

  • For Gender scans- Please drink 18 ounces of water 30 mins before your appointment so your

  • bladder will be full at your appointment. This appointment is for your pleasure and your friends and family. We have some additional seating for your guests. For the safety and comfort of everyone, please limit your guests to 5.

  • Do not wear a dress unless you have shorts on underneath as this is an ultrasound and we will be scanning your entire abdomen.

  • DO NOT use the restroom until you have asked the sonographer.

  • You may pay for services online or at the office with Cash, Venmo, Credit, or FSA card. The Sonographer will take payment upon your arrival, prior to your scan. When paying with cash, please try to bring exact change, if possible. 

  • Each of our clients is special to us. We spend individual time with everyone. If when you come in, it looks empty-- we are still with the scan before you. Sometimes, if the baby before you is being a little difficult, we will take an extra few minutes to see if we can get the baby to cooperate. Please be patient with our little babies, as it is our policy if we think we can get the baby to move, we will try a little more- that is at the Sonographer’s discretion. We will do the same for you, so have a seat and relax. We did not forget about you; we are just trying to get a little one to cooperate. 

  • Please PRINT DIRECTIONS BEFORE YOU LEAVE unless you have a GPS. We are located at 1306 Kingwood Dr Suite B Kingwood TX 77339  Coming from 59, take Kingwood Dr exit, You will pass the Walgreens and then take the next right. We are the first building on the right. The office complex is full of black tinted looking buildings. 

Click here to download and fill out our registration form before your visit. 

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